Friday, 16 December 2011

The Unchosen Life by Danka V.

Format: eBook

The Unchosen Life by Danka V. tells us about the life of Elena from the age of around 15 to 23, The story starts by telling us about Elena's crush on Damon who becomes her best friend and also of their love/hate relationship. The story then goes on to when Elena is at University and she starts having strange but vivid dreams about an old man who is trying to warn her of something evil coming her way. We then go on to see Elena bump into Damon again and they fall in love with some wicked twists.

I found this book very hard to get into as I found it very difficult to relate to Elena, her attitude seemed to change sometimes with each sentence from being happy to being very stubborn and angry. I also found the arguements between Elena and Damon to be a bit childlike but they were only 15.

I got the feeling that this book was very rushed as there isn't a lot of detail or emotions in it. Also we are told about Elena's evil other half and how dangerous they could be and that she has to go looking for him in order to kill him but that is really where it ends as the book goes on to be a love story, I would have liked to hear a bit more about the evil other half.

Overall I really couldnt relate to or get into the book. i would have enjoyed it more if the storyline was more indepth and didnt feel so rushed, I also found it very difficult to connect with the characters.


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